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Professional Facility Services

Based in Missouri, servicing St. Louis, Osage Beach, and the Midwest.

Services such as;

  • Cleaning and Janitorial Services

  • Grounds Maintenance

  • Exterior Maintenance

  • Pavement Maintenance

  • Pressure Washing

  • Building Repair and Maintenance


Macc Contracting is your go-to solution for comprehensive facility services. From cleaning and janitorial services to exterior maintenance and building repairs, we cater to governmental, commercial, and industrial buildings with unmatched quality and professionalism.

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean, safe, and inviting environment for your facility. Whether you operate a governmental building, a commercial complex, or an industrial facility, our range of specialized services meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

Cleaning and Janitorial Services:

Our cleaning and janitorial services keep your facility pristine and sanitized. From daily maintenance to deep cleaning, our experienced team ensures every corner is spotless, promoting a healthy and productive environment for occupants and visitors alike.

Grounds and Exterior Maintenance:

First impressions matter, and the exterior of your building is the first thing people notice. With our grounds and exterior maintenance services, we keep your property looking its best year-round. From lawn care to landscaping, we enhance curb appeal and create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who enters your premises.

Pavement Maintenance:

Maintaining your pavement is essential for safety and aesthetics. Our pavement maintenance solutions include repair, sealing, and striping, prolonging the lifespan of your surfaces, and preventing costly damage down the line—Trust Macc Contracting to keep your pavements smooth, functional, and visually appealing.

Pressure Washing:

Restore the luster of your building’s exterior surfaces with our professional pressure washing services. Whether it’s removing dirt, grime, mold, or graffiti, our high-powered equipment and eco-friendly solutions leave your property looking fresh and renewed, enhancing its overall appeal and value.

Building Repair and Maintenance:

From minor repairs to major renovations, Macc Contracting is your partner in preserving the integrity and functionality of your building. Our skilled technicians address issues promptly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations while maintaining the safety and structural integrity of your facility.

At Macc Contracting, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With our comprehensive range of facility services, tailored to meet the diverse needs of governmental, commercial, and industrial buildings, you can trust us to elevate your facility standards and leave a lasting impression on everyone who walks through your doors.

Contact us today to learn more about how Macc Contracting can transform your facility maintenance experience. Let us handle the details while you focus on what matters most – running a thriving business.

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A reliable full-service contracting company with locations in Central and North East Missouri, servicing the Midwest region. Our team of experts provides a broad range of services, including landscaping, facility maintenance, and general construction, catering to the needs of commercial, industrial, governmental, and residential customers.

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